Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A love letter to my Granddaughter

You are only three weeks old, beautiful beyond words, with big beautiful eyes like your Mommy; nose, forehead and hair like your Daddy. You remind me of your Daddy when he was a baby; your serious looks and the way you love it when I walk with you on my shoulder.

I was blessed beyond words to be right there when you entered this world. Your Grammie, Mommy and I fell madly in love. You were so alert and when you heard your Mommy's voice, I will never forget how you turned your tiny head as if to say, "there you are!!"

I remember when your Grammie put you in my arms for the first time, I thought my heart would explode from joy and love. You are loved by many my little one. Your Mommy and Daddy are so very, very, brave. Your Daddy was far, far away when you were born, serving his country, your Mommy was amazing and strong and never once complained. Your Daddy was here just a few days after you were born, and boy did you steal his heart. He instantly became your Daddy in every since of the word, very protective, changing your diapers, dressing you and loving you.

I think that is one of the joys of being a Grandparent; you watch your children become the parent you prayed they would be. Your Daddy had fifteen days and then he had to leave to finish serving his country. I must tell you my precious one, this was the hardest day of all. I could tell the way a Mother can tell, that his heart was breaking, leaving you and your Mommy. Nothing is harder than watching your child hurt and knowing there is nothing you can do... but each day that passes brings him one day closer to being home. That will be a GREAT day!!! In the mean time, we all have to love you bunches and bunches, such a hard task......

I look forward to our life together; I will be your crazy little Nonnie, and you will be my tall, beautiful Princess. I have a feeling you will not be able to wear my shoes which is disappointing because I have some fabulous shoes, but there will be jewelery that you will want to borrow; your Poppie tends to spoil me with visits to Jared. Which leads me to tell you something that I have not even told your Daddy yet. I have arranged a marriage for you. He is exactly a year older, cute as a button and comes from the very best of families, his name is Aiden, so how cute will that be?? Aiden & Eden. I love it!!! I have great taste, so do not be afraid!!

I can't wait to tell you all the crazy stories about your Daddy, and I have some pretty good ones about your Mommy as well. The two of them should have their own reality show. They are funny people. Make me laugh every time I am around them.

I am so hoping that you will be a girly girl, love pink and bows and heels and lipstick, but if for some reason you only like mud and trucks and jeans, I will still be your biggest fan. I pray you follow your passion in all things, love with all you have and fight like your Daddy for the things you believe in.

Always remember that manners are an asset and a requirement from Nonnie. Love the Lord with all your heart and always remember to pray. Enjoy the love of animals, be kind to everyone. Laugh when you think it is funny, and laugh out loud!! Cry when it is heartbreaking and do not be ashamed of your tears because they are God's way of washing away the hurt. Know that you are going to fall down, but there will always be one of us to pick you up and I will always have designer bandages available. Love to read, it is a passion of your Daddy's; and your Aunt Rae is going to be a Librarian so we must keep her employed. Poppie already has an attic full of Golden books just for you.

Oh, I can't wait for our first cookie baking day!! We will have cute aprons and you can eat as much sprinkles and chocolate as your heart desires. Later, when your belly hurts, you can do one of Nonnie's favorite things, take a bubble bath!!!! I pray for you each and every day, so many precious, precious, moments ahead.... I am sure that there is much, much more I will want to share with you, I can't wait!! Maybe one day you will write a blog about all the crazy things your nutty Nonnie told you!!!!
I love you, forever.


  1. What a beautiful letter to our newest member of the family. You will be the best "Nonnie" ever!!

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